Work Referrers

We are happy to accept client instructions by way of referral.

Referral Fees

Rule 38 of the Solicitors Rules allows Solicitors to pay referral fees for work referred to them in circumstances where the payment of such a fee is disclosed to the client being referred.

We appreciate that in some instances a referral fee is justified to account for the time the referrer has taken to attend upon and advise the client being referred and any additional costs which have been incurred.

Under no circumstances will such a fee be passed on to the client being referred to pay even if the claim succeeds. Any referral fees paid are treated as a running cost of the firm.

It is important to note that each State may have a different approach to the payment of referral fees by Solicitors. In some circumstances it is prohibited. We will advise you of this taking into account relevant State provisions at the stage you contact us.

In the alternative, we are able to preserve a lien as to any previous firm’s reasonable costs subject to client authority upon transfer of their file of papers to us.

Reciprocal Referrals

There are also instances where due to potential conflict of interest a solicitor might find themselves in difficulty. We are in a position to discuss such eventualities and the possibility of reciprocal referral arrangements in circumstances where we are instructed in a matter in an area which we do not practice in.

We are happy therefore to discuss such arrangements with a potential referrer.

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