Contested Wills

page_image_willsFrom time to time family members become concerned about the way in which estates have passed.

This is sometimes because the making of the Will is argued to be invalid for reasons of undue influence, fraud, forgery or a lack of mental capacity effecting the content of the Will and the deceased’s wishes.

Alternatively, that the provisions of the Will, whilst valid, are unfair. In such circumstances the Court is able to vary the terms of a Will to reflect any unfairness.

We also have experience in dealing with Family Provision claims in circumstances, for example, where a family member is concerned that there has been an uneven distribution of the estate amongst surviving family members.

We can also advise in circumstances where the validity and provisions of the Will are being challenged but where it is felt they should not be and what you need to do to defend the deceased’s testamentary wishes.

Time limits apply to such claims as with any other claim and so it is important for any person affected by such circumstances to seek legal advice as quickly as possible. Please contact us for assistance and advice without obligation.